FREE ONLINE WEBINAR - The use of imagery to enhance performance with tim Blankert

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Tim BlankertThe use of imagery to enhance performance

with Tim Blankert

Former Coach at the Global Tennis Team in Mallorca, Spain.

Join us for this free online event on Monday 6th November  between 8pm and 10pm BST

NOTE: New date - moved from 30th October

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Join us for this free Webinar entitled ‘The use of imagery to enhance performance’, presented by Tim Blankert live from Mallorca, Spain.

Tim Blanket's WebinarImagery is a 'skill' we can use to (re)create an experience in our mind. By this, we can fool our mind to make it believe things are actually happening. This is a great way to improve our tennis skills. It has been shown that regular practice in combination with imagery gives better results than just practicing. During the presentation Tim will explain in detail how this fooling of the brain works, and why it can help you to improve your tennis or any other skills. Tim will discuss ways to apply imagery as a player and to implement it in your training sessions as a coach.

·    The Webinar cover's the following:

  • The theory behind imagery. Why and how does it work?
  • The best method of using imagery, for optimum results.
  • How and when to apply imagery in practice and in matches.
  • Using imagery for well-being and recovery from injuries.

This is a great event for coaches, players and parents.

At the end of the presentation, Tim held an open session to allow attendees to ask questions.

Tim Blankert  is 24 years old and has been playing tennis since he was 6. He studied Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, followed by a Masters degree in Sport & Performance Psychology. Whilst studying, Tim also became a Level A tennis instructor at the Dutch Tennis Federation (KNLTB). He started working at his local club and during his Masters degree did an internship at Heerhugowaard tennis club where  he worked with youth players as the Sport Psychologist.  His research for his Masters was on the influence of achievement goals on the effectiveness of visualization in tennis has been published in various Psychology Journals. Tim until recently had been working  at The Global Tennis Team Academy in Mallorca having joined Jofre Porta’s team in April 2016.

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