Stony Stratford Tennis Club - Tennis Development Programme - Autumn Term

Stony Stratford Tennis Club

2021 Autumn Term Tennis Coaching

Now in full flow and running until Saturday 18th December. 
There are no sessions w/c 25th October when Half Term Holiday Camps will be running.
Join anytime and just pay for the sessions in the termly programme remaining.
Weekly coaching programme with daily courses



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The air-dome is erected w/c 11th October. Thereafter, all courses prior to 7pm (6.30pm on Wednesday) with the exception of the Junior sessions from 5-7pm on Fridays will utilise the indoor courts.

Welcome to the LATEST programme at Stony Stratford Tennis Club!

The programme offers excellent coach to player ratios and our objective is to ‘inspire tennis excellence’, what ever level of tennis you aspire to play at, there is a course available for you. All coaches are DBS checked, insured, hold a first aid certificate and are qualified to the required standards set by the Lawn Tennis Association.

We have devised a progressive and exciting format for all our sessions that will enhance every player’s game. The programme has been devised by John Cavill, the Director of Tennis for Tennis Works and Stony Stratford Tennis Club. John has been coaching at all levels for the past 27 years in the UK and abroad. The knowledge and experience John has gained is reflected in the programme structure that has had outstanding results within other tennis centres.

PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMME - Progressive weekly structure with awards schemes, parents evenings, wet weather programme, annual presentation evening and more!

MORE CHOICE - Whatever your level, the extensive programme offers many opportunities to get coaching at the club!

LONGER COURSES - We run all our courses in line with the school term and through half term so we can maximise the number of weeks people can learn.

EXCELLENT STAFF RATIOS - To ensure the quality of the session is high, every session has the appropriate player to coach ratio for the age and ability group they are dealing with.

Where do I begin?

Whether you are new to tennis or have been playing for a while, we have a variety of courses for different age groups and abilities that will help you learn, develop and progress your game. Simply book online or feel free to contact us if you require any further advice.

Course Prices

The course prices change on a weekly basis as the number of weeks to the end of term reduce. Here are the costs for members and non-members. Here are the costs for members and non-members (25% Club charged supplement for non members)

  • 1 hour session/week - Member cost is £10.00 and non-member cost is £12.50
  • 1.5 hour session/week - Member cost is £15.00 and non-member cost is £18.75
  • 2 hour session/week - Member cost is £20.00 and non-member cost is £25.00

The total course cost is displayed when you go through to the booking form based on the number of weeks left of the termly programme. Prices may vary slightly due to indoor dome usage over the winter months.


You can join any of the courses on offer today. There are two ways to book:

  • Online - To book online, simply click on the 'Book Now' link below. Although our payment gateway is with PayPal, you don't have to have a PayPal account. When you click through to the shopping cart, you can select to pay by credit or debit card. Once we have received your payment, you will receive an email confirmation from Tennis Works and PayPal.
  • Application form - Contact us via and we will arrange registration and a bank transfer.

Food, Drink and Equipment

Please ensure you / your child wears the appropriate clothing and footwear, for example tracksuit, shorts, t-shirt and trainers. If the weather is cold or wet, then please bring a jacket and if the weather is hot, then hats must be worn and suncream applied prior to arrival. Every child must bring plenty of drink and ensure they have eaten an appropriate diet prior to the session.

We will supply all equipment needed for the coaching session but players are encouraged to bring their own racket if they have one. If you are looking to purchase a racket then please speak with one of our coaches who will be able to give you professional advice about getting the right racket for your child.


Stony Stratford Tennis Club, Ostler Lane, Stony Stratford, MK11 1AR (click on name to view map)

Autumn Development Programme Sessions

We offer the following courses:

Mini Red suitable for 4-7 year olds: Mon 5-6pm / Tues 5-6pm / Wed 4.30-5.30pm / Sat 9.30-10.30am

Mini Orange suitable for 6-9 year olds: Mon 5-6pm / Tues 5-6pm / Wed 4.30-5.30pm / Sat 9.30-10.30am

Mini Green suitable for 8-11 year olds: Tues 6-7pm / Wed 5.30-6.30pm / Sat 10.30-11.30am.

Cross-over Green/Yellow suitable for 10-14 year olds: Wed 6.30-7.30pm.

Junior sessions: Mon 8-9pm (Intermediate) / Fri 5-7pm (Advanced) / Sat 11.30am to 1pm (Intermediate / Advanced)

Adults: Wed 7.30-9pm (Intermediate) / Fri 10 - 11.30am (Foundation-Intermediate)

Adults: Beginners and Rusty Rackets - Wed 8.00-9.00pm

Parent & Toddler Tennis

THIS WILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER HALF TERM - Week commencing 1st November.

The skills required to play the game of tennis can be started at a very young age. Our Parent & Toddler Tennis sessions are a great way for parents to start their 3 to 4 year olds, as many of the skills and games learned in the session can be done at home. The aim of the sessions is to get young children with a parent used to a tennis environment whilst starting to develop their coordination, movement, receptive skills and dexterity in a fun and creative environment.

Course Code Day Time Age Guide SSLTC Member Non-Member
SS-Multi-Skills-1 Sat 08.45-9.30


Parents & Children

Not yet available

Mini Tennis

The Mini Tennis programme combined with our awards scheme, helps players progress through achievable targets that are rewarded when completed. Our Mini Tennis Red programme helps children aged 4 to 6 years old to learn the fundamentals for tennis, including coordination, balance, agility, receptive skills and more in a fun environment. As the players improve on these skills they will be able to progress to the next stage for 7 and 8 year olds, which is our Mini Tennis Orange programme. This is played on a ¾ length court with low compression balls and in these sessions the players will continue to improve their physical skills while starting to develop their tactical and technical aspects. The next stage is Mini Tennis Green for 9 and 10 year olds and the players will further advance their tennis skills to play on a full size court with mid-compression balls, which will start to prepare them for the full game.

Course Code Day Time Age Guide SSLTC Member Non-Member
SS-MTRed-01   Mon    17.00-18.00 4-7 Book Here Book Here
SS-MTOrange-02   Mon   17.00-18.00 6-9
Book Here
Book Here
SS-MTRed-05   Tues   17.00-18.00 4-7
Book Here
Book Here
SS-MTOrange-06   Tues   17.00-18.00 6-9
Book Here
Book Here
SS-MTGreen-07   Tues   18.00-19.00   8-11
Book Here
Book Here
SS-MTRed-08 Wed 16.30-17.30 4-7
Book Here
Book Here
  Wed   16.30-17.30   6-9
Book Here
Book Here
SS-MTGreen-10   Wed   17.30-18.30   8-11
Book Here
Book Here
SS-MTRed-12   Sat   9.30-10.30  4-6

Book Here

Book Here
SS-MTOrange-13   Sat   9.30-10.30  6-9 Book Here Book Here
SS-MTGreen-14   Sat   10.30-11.30   8-11
Book Here
Book Here

 Junior Tennis

All 10 to 17 year olds can join our Junior Programme that will eventually help them make the transition into adult tennis. We feel it is very important to get players to understand the game requirements so that they can play as soon as possible. Our entry level to tennis are the Foundation sessions which are designed to help players develop basic techniques and tactics so they can enjoy playing the game. As they progress, the Intermediate sessions offer more opportunity for those players wishing to compete and represent the club at lower team level, with Advanced sessions for top club team players.

Course Code Day Time Age Guide SSLTC Member Non-Member
SS-JNRYellow-04 Mon 20.00-21.00



Book Here Book Here
SS-MTGreenYellow-11 Wed 18:30-19:30


Book Here
Book Here
SS-JNRYellow-12 Fri 17.00-19.00



Book Here
Book Here
SS-JNRYellow-16 Sat 11.30-13.00



Book Here

Book Here


Adult Tennis

For all beginner adults or those who play at a low recreation level, we have our very popular Foundation course. The aim of this session is to get people playing the game as fast as possible. This is a wonderful social sport and many people are put off if they think they are not good enough. Everyone can play tennis and the exercises, drills, techniques and progressions ensures that everyone has fun, enjoys learning and improves at the same time. For those adults wishing to build on their basic level, we have an Intermediate session which is aimed to take players into a social competitive environment that improves their matchplay for adult club sessions or lower team level. We also offer a session that is subsidised by the Club and Tennis Works designed to encourage people into or back to tennis. This is our beginner / rusty racket offering.

Course Code Day Time Level SSLTC Member Non-Member
SS-ADULT-01 Wed 19.30-21.00 Intermediate
Book Here
Book Here
SS-ADULT-02 Fri 10.30-12.00 Foundation & Intermediate Book Here Book Here
SS-XPRESS-03 Wed 20.00-21.00 Beginners / Rusty Rackets Book Here
Book Here

 Ages Ranges & Subgroups

Although the age ranges advertised are large, the coaches will ensure that players are put into subgroups with players of similar ages or ability which will keep the standards high and the right balance of social interactivity